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Por Floor Steeg

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Typeface is a beautiful font manager that helps you pick the perfect font for your designs.

Good typography is one of the most important aspects of design. But it is often hard to find the font that conveys just the right emotion, especially if you're not sure yet what you're looking for.
With a minimal interface and total focus on your fonts Typeface tries to make browsing your collection exciting and easy, such that you'll always find just the font you need.

• Perfectly rendered previews
• Live customization of preview text & size
• Intuitive & minimal UI design that doesn't distract
• Light & Dark theme for day and night

• Easy to use & flexible tagging system (combine, subtract, invert & nest)
• Powerful search & filters (weight, width, slant and style)
• Smart sidebar (auto collapse, tag highlight, drag & drop)
• In-place font activation & deactivation

• Collect font candidates using the Quick Collection
• Review your choices and refine your selection
• Share the results with colleagues and clients on PDF
• Store the selection by attaching tags

• Compare fonts using A/B font overlays
• Inspect supported unicode characters
• Get detailed font info
• Show font family members

• [NEW] 2000+ free fonts from the Google Fonts catalog
• Support for ttf, otf, dfont, ttc and PostScript Type 1 font suitcase
• Auto synchronization of imported directories
• Import Font Book collections
• Collapsed family view
• Auto hide fonts that are missing characters
• Auto font style classification
• Print to paper and export to PDF
• Auto size previews
• Letter s p a c i n g
• Outlined previews
• Metrics overlay
• Standard & discretionary ligatures
• Export & Import tags to json
• Many keyboard shortcuts
• Import Typekit fonts
• Auto activation (beta)
• Tagged and Untagged meta-tags

Still reading? Check out typefaceapp.com for more info, handy tips & support.
Follow @typefaceapp on Twitter to get the latest news.

Have fun designing!


Notas de la versión

12/02/2019 | Versión : 2.3.0 | Tamaño : 21.1 MB
* [NEW] Quickly (de)activate a font by clicking the grey/blue activation indicator bullet
* [NEW] Tags are grouped in context menus and the main menu
* [NEW] The last added/removed tag is remembered and can be found on the top of the tag list context menu
* [NEW] Tags can be pinned to the top of the tag context menu (hold Option to pin/unpin)
* [NEW] Remember custom preview text presets
* [NEW] Switch preview text preset in the context menu
* [IMPROVED] Improved background check performance on launch
* [IMPROVED] Added Chinese preview text presets
* [IMPROVED] Added designer, manufacturer and license info on font detail view
* [IMPROVED] Tags with uppercase characters should be sorted correctly
* [FIXED] Search field color in Sierra
* [FIXED] Switching between Info and Characters in detail view should be more performant
* [FIXED] Renamed directories where only the case is changed should not imported duplicated fonts

27/10/2017 | Versión : 1.6.0 | Tamaño : 17.6 MB
High Sierra compatibility

01/02/2017 | Versión : 1.5.2 | Tamaño : 14.1 MB
- Fixed invisible scrollbars in dark mode on Sierra (thanks Lesley-Ann & Ian!)
- Fixed resetting filters when 'Hide fonts missing glyphs' option is activated (thanks Clém!)
- Updated Portuguese pangram (thanks Luis!)

New in 1.5:

Batch actions!
- Activation: activate/deactivate all fonts in the current collection
- Collections: add multiple fonts to an existing collection, the Quick Collection or a brand new collection
- Clear: remove all the fonts in the current collection in a single sweep

Together with the previous update which introduced quick selecting fonts with CMD-click, your typography workflow will be faster than ever:
Add the fonts you like to the Quick Collection, switch over to the Quick Collection (new shortcut: CMD-3), then save as a new collection (CMD-SHIFT-N)

Also included in 1.5.0:
- multiple new keyboard shortcuts
- changed the preview field placeholder to be more intuitive
- added support for the new CMD-click shortcut in Family view
- removed click delay when clicking on a source tab while it animates
- fixed issue when adding fonts to favourites in Sierra
- fixed issue when adding fonts to Quick Collection in Family view
- fixed some inconsistencies when deactivating a font in the Quick Collection

Have fun!


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