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MemoryKeeper Free

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Speed up your Mac with MemoryKeeper by automatic smart cleanups.
MemoryKeeper is an application for simplifying memory control of your Mac.

Incredibly simple and user-friendly interface, powerful algorithm, beautiful animated design and educational components.

You can run memory clean manually any time you want and get immediate performance boost. Or leave that job to the Automatic Clean. Its silent background algorithm will run memory clean process in an appropriate time to avoid disturbing you. For a quick monitoring of memory status, please, click the 'Menu' icon, that shows your status, using different colors and current amount of free memory.

To quickly get familiar with the app, please, check out "How It Works?" slides. To find out what is RAM memory and how to upgrade, please, proceed to "What Is Memory" block.

Kromtech takes care about our users. Please, feel free to contact us for technical support. Leave your feedbacks and comments on the support page of the official website -

Notas de la versión

24/10/2016 | Versión : 1.3 | Tamaño : 34,4 MB
- fixed bugs
- minor changes

19/11/2014 | Versión : 1.2 | Tamaño : 34,4 MB
Minor bugfixes and overall improvements.

06/02/2014 | Versión : 1.1 | Tamaño : 34,1 MB
- Now MemoryKeeper works great on Mac OS Maveriks
- Cleaning algorithm was improved to give better results
- Fully Retina compatible

Imágenes Mac OSX :

Imágenes Mac OSX Imágenes Mac OSX Imágenes Mac OSX Imágenes Mac OSX



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