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Criminal Code of Canada and Related Acts

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Por CogniLore (CogniLore Inc.)

The Criminal Code of Canada and Related Acts App is an indispensable tool for the mobile practitioner, law student, peace officer, or Canadian citizen who needs a quick and easy reference to the complete collection of Canadian Criminal law related statutes. Includes the full text of the Criminal Code, the Constitution Act (including the Charter of Rights and Freedoms), and a complete collection of legislation related to the Criminal Code.

The Criminal Code and Related Acts includes the full text of the English and French versions of:

• Constitution Act, 1982
• Constitution Act, 1867
• Canadian Bill of Rights
• Criminal Code
• Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
• Firearms Act
• Youth Criminal Justice Act
• Canada Evidence Act
• Interpretation Act
• DNA Identification Act
• Extradition Act
• Corrections and Conditional Release Act
• Criminal Records Act
• Sex Offender Information Registration Act
• Identification of Criminals Act

The Canadian Criminal Code and Related Acts is powered by CogniLore's Professional eBook™
technology, making it the fastest to access this massive collection of content. Professional eBook was designed to meet the reference research requirements of professionals needing instantaneous access to key information.

Professional eBook delivers a host of research features to the Criminal Code App including:

• Powerful, contextual, yet intuitive search – Rapidly craft complex searches in a straightforward, step-by-step manner. Find specific content by type including definition terms, section numbers, and marginal notes.

• Potent personalization features integrate with your workflow - Add personal value through Marks - highlights and notes to which you assign a personal type which can then be independently searched. Create different Marks for different clients, subjects, or areas of study – unlike other eBook annotations, multiple Marks can be applied to the same content, and quickly enabled or hidden. For rapid retrieval of popular content, Professional eBook lets you name, insert, and retrieve a personal collections of Favorites.

• The most effective Table of Contents ever in an eBook App - Drill down via the ToC to rapidly locate the content you are looking for. Open multiple sections at a time and quick jump from one area to another. And your Search results are aggregated and presented hierarchically with the Table of Contents, so you can see where the results are at a glance.

• Hyperlinking between English and French for the sections and the definitions allow you to rapidly jump between the opposing languages.

• Continuous scrolling keeps content in context – Using Professional eBook’s unique content loading engine, you are able to scroll continuously through the content by wiping up and down in the Content pane. This way, your view always remains in context to the previous and following material. No more flipping back and forth between ‘virtual’ pages.

• Need to scroll faster? Professional eBook incorporates a fast action "Scrubber" scrollbar. One tap on the Scrubber displays the Table of Contents structure to your current location. Drag the Scrubber to quickly scroll through the content structure. Once you've spotted the desired section, tap to load your new location into the content window.

• Action tracking remembers where you've been – The Actions panel contains a continuously growing list of searches executed; results, links, and table of contents headings followed; content scrolling; and links to embedded Media loaded, all sorted by type or date. One tap puts you right back in the Action.

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