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Fotor Photo Editor

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Por Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd

Fotor was mentioned as the 'lite Photoshop' by BBC and it will cater all your photography needs.

"I found Fotor to be simple and intuitive to use… I think many photographers will like Fotor Photo Editor." – TUAW

"If you're looking for an easy to use photo editor with lots of editing options and effects, look no further than Fotor" --

"Fotor might be the perfect solution for many amateur photographs, which is completely free to download and use." –

People everywhere are getting their edit on with Fotor’s solid photo editor for Mac!
*** #1 free photography app in more than 70 countries ***
*** In the top 5 free apps overall in more than 50 countries ***

【Batch processing】
Quickly process dozens of photos to save time and efforts. Batch processing can help apply Scenes, Effects, and Borders with one click, and can also quickly complete Batch resizing, renaming, and file format conversion.

Select from over 80 templates up to 9 photos at a time, or use Free Style to move photos around whatever you want with 26 unique backgrounds to choose from. Finish off your masterpiece with the border color that catches your eye, or select from 10 border designs. Even adjust border width, add a shadow effect or round off the corners.

【Powerful Photo Editing Tools】
Fotor's processing engine makes it easy to process high quality photos quickly. Adjust exposure, brightness, contrast, white balance, and saturation, sharpen/blur, highlights/shadows, HSL, add a vignette or film grain, remove red eye, reduce image noise, or crop, straighten, rotate, fix image distortion or correct lens distortion.

• Flexible Text Editing Tool
You can add text to any photo. Lots of options to adjust the font, size and color of your text till it looks perfect!

• Sophisticated Photo Enhancement
Most photos aren’t taken in a controlled environment and often there isn’t time to adjust the settings on your camera. Enter the magic of Fotor. “Scenes” offers 15 1-tap-enhance options that have been configured for various photo capture conditions. Click now, adjust later.

• Effects & Borders
Fotor comes loaded with over 150 effects, including Classic, Retro, Lomo, B&W, and new popular packs of Cinematic, Disposable, Mono, Filmatic, Lighting Leaking, Groovy, Mellow, Spring, Warm Winter, Solar and Serenity. Over 60 styles of frames, including Simple lines, Borders, Artico, Styled, Floral, Old School, Holiday, Lovers, Gallery and Stamp.

• Textures
You can now apply different textures on images under variable shooting scenes just by a click. 26 textures, including Stain, Light leak, Grain, Scratch, Raindrops and more continuous designed textures are able to choose, and of which are free to adjust intensity and angle.

• Focus
Unleash your creative inspiration by using a mix of clear focus and selective blurring. Fotor’s Focus editor gives your images the depth-of-field normally seen only on professional-grade DSLR cameras.

• Image Formats

• Save, Share & Print
It’s easy to save, share or print your edited photos with only a couple of clicks. Choose the quality of your photo and resize as you save. Send your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email, all from within Fotor app. Print your masterpiece to really bring it to life.

***Fotor Pro***
• Unlimited premium assets like effects, borders, textures etc.
• keep adding new features
• Subscription of Fotor Pro: USD $ 3.99/month, USD $ 11.99/year
• Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. Manage your subscriptions in Account Settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Services:

Notas de la versión

03/07/2017 | Versión : 3.3.1 | Tamaño : 142,6 MB
* Added image vibrance adjustment function.
* Added clarity function, now you can adjust the overall image clarity.
* Added sharpening function individually.
* Added defogging function to enhance the visibility of subjects in images.
* Added blacks & whites colour scale function.
* Optimized the experience of slide bar.
* Optimized the UI of colour balance function.
* Optimized the layout of functions.
* Optimized the hightlights & shadows function.
* Optimized the saturation function.
* Opitimized the login process with Facebook accounts.
* Fixed a bug of histogram funtion.

28/05/2017 | Versión : 3.3.0 | Tamaño : 142,5 MB
* Added image noise reduction function to remove noise in high ISO photos and photos in low-light.
* Added vertical perspective, horizontal perspective, and lens distortion functions in the crop feature.
* Added texture function. Applying different textures on images under variable shooting scenes.
* Added film grain function to fake that authentic film look in your digital photos.
* Added HSL function to adjust specified colors in photos.
* Optimized the cropping and rotation experience.
* Optimized the vignette function by adding vignette size,roundness and feather effect.
* Optimized the curve function, and added histogram to curves.
* Optimized the batch processing function, which enables pictures under sub-directory of chosen folders will be selected all together.
* Optimized the histogram by increasing its resolution.

25/04/2017 | Versión : 3.2.3 | Tamaño : 94,3 MB
Fixed the Fotor Pro users' inability to restore subscription and professional resources under certain circumstances.
* Added subscription function with annual and monthly two billing ways.
Subscribers can enjoy unlimited premium features and assets like effects, frames .


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Comentatios y puntuaciones para Fotor Photo Editor

App doesn’t work! (3.1.0)
03/01/2017 18:27:00 1/5 Por Johnny Guendulain
The app doesn’t let you save your work! it just gets frozen…

Deja de Funcionar (3.1.0)
28/12/2016 19:09:00 1/5 Por RENE 0007
Me pasa lo mismo que los otros usuarios, a la hora de guardar la foto deja de funcionar.

Deja de funcionar (3.1.0)
17/12/2016 20:20:00 4/5 Por Ruben mb
Al momento de querer guardarla el programa deja de funcionar

Just doesn´t works…nothing, nada (3.1.0)
17/12/2016 9:50:00 1/5 Por Mikemamer
Hahaha just doesn´t do anything … the app doesn´t works with Sierra… la aplicación simplemente no hace nada, no funciona con Sierra

Deja de funcionar (3.1.0)
12/12/2016 7:45:00 1/5 Por Fausto Castillo
Había estado trabajando muy bien, de pronto actualizaron y ya no puedo guardar ninguna foto porque deja de funcionar, lamentable, era buen programa.

Excelente app! (3.0.1)
24/05/2016 20:15:00 5/5 Por StefCar
Rápida, eficiente y con muchas herramientas para trabajar tus fotos .RAW. No se puede pedir más por un app gratuito.

Notable, sobresaliente. (2.0.3)
11/01/2016 5:07:00 5/5 Por Alextzin
Sencilla, intuitiva y poderosa. Para los que no somos un profesionales de la edición, creo que cumple con lo que buscamos para mejorar nuestras imágenes. Felicitaciones a los desarralladores.

Problema con app Fotos (2.0.2)
23/04/2015 17:36:00 1/5 Por Mike wuasauski
No es compatible con la app Fotos de apple, no puedo agregar las fotos…

No sirve (2.0.2)
18/01/2015 7:44:00 1/5 Por Verdugo[Sonico]
Trajasbas unos minutos y luego se cae.

Excelent! (2.0.2)
26/10/2014 1:36:00 5/5 Por YaredGutierrezM
Muy buena aplicación, muy útil.

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